Top 5 Handgun Makers on the Planet


America’s prolific firearms industry means choosing the highest five manufacturers is not any easy task. While boutique handgun builders may produce some very fine pieces, quantity features a quality all its own, and a number of other companies ship many thousands of handguns a year. just like the auto industry, a number of the simplest handguns come from foreign manufacturers. Here are the five best handgun manufacturers.

1. Glock

Gaston Glock’s initial plan to build a handgun for the Austrian military has exploded into a world empire, all the more amazing considering that it had been built solely on handguns. From the first Glock 17, the corporate now offers twenty-six handguns on the U.S. market in calibers from .380 Auto to .45 G.A.P. The company’s simple emphasis on lightweight, slim-profile, “pointable” pistols was a recipe for fulfillment , impressing first-time shooters with their simple use and longtime shooters with their reliability and accuracy. For all of the variability , Glock’s handguns are strikingly almost like each other , demonstrating that Glock won’t fix what isn’t broken.

2. Heckler and Koch

A postwar German arms maker that rose from the ashes of the legendary Mauser corporation, Heckler and Koch has made a reputation building innovative, reliable firearms. “H&K,” because it is understood within the U.S. market, makes everything from grenade launchers for the us Army to the U.S. Marine Corps’ new M27 Infantry automatic . H&K’s nine-millimeter VP9 series of handguns are durable and reliable, while the .45 caliber HK45 fires a more powerful round. The USP, or Universal Service Pistol, was designed as an entry in U.S. Special Operations Command’s Offensive Handgun weapon .

3. Sturm Ruger & Co.

Known colloquially as Ruger, the Sturm Ruger & Company was founded by Alexander Sturm and Bill Ruger in 1949. Unlike Glock, Ruger manufactures both long guns and handguns. Ruger’s handguns are generally almost like Ford pickup trucks: simple, reliable and moderately priced compared to the competition. Ruger’s GP100 is one among the leading full-size revolvers, while the company’s LCR series of hammerless, double-action-only compact revolvers make excellent concealed-carry weapons. the corporate also produces a spread of pistols, including the .22 caliber Mark IV target pistol and therefore the SR1911, its own in-house version of John Browning’s 1911. The new Ruger American pistol is Ruger’s entry into the high-capacity, polymer-frame pistol market.

4. Sig Sauer

A Swiss-German company, Sig Sauer was relatively unknown within the U.S. market until its failed entrant within the competition to exchange the Colt 1911A1 handgun in U.S. military service was picked up by the U.S. Navy SEALs. Sig’s handgun line is predicated on the first Sig P210, originally designed for Swiss military service. A redesign and reconfiguration into new full-sized and compact models saw the Sig series of handguns widely accepted among U.S. police forces, including the San Francisco local department , and are acceptable carry pistols for the ny and Houston police departments. Like most gun manufacturers Sig Sauer produces its own version of the 1911. Sig Sauer recently won the contract for the U.S. Army’s new M17 handgun.

5. Smith and Wesson

One of the oldest names in American firearms, Smith and Wesson was founded in 1852. From the first Volcanic lever action pistol to the present M&P series of polymer, striker-fired handguns, Smith and Wesson has continually produced pistols over its 165-year history. The company’s Model 1 handgun was purchased privately by soldiers on each side of the U.S. Civil War, while the heavier Schofield revolver was carried by postwar U.S. cavalrymen. Today the M&P pistols are standard issue in many police departments worldwide, including the Chicago, Houston and Detroit police departments, while Smith and Wesson revolvers are considered the quality in American revolvers.