Top 5 Healthiest Alkaline Diet Foods


If you haven’t heard about alkaline diet or alkaline food yet, it’s high time that you should know. Homemaking, work pressure, maintaining public relations consume a lot of time from our daily routine. Because of these daily activities, keeping up with a healthy diet becomes almost impossible for individuals. As a result, we suffer from heartburn and acidity. Gastric problems, acid reflux, and indigestion are prevalent issues that we can see individuals complaining about. These types of problems take place in our bodies as we don’t keep a balance in the acid-alkaline pH of foods. Because of the lack of time, most of the time we grab something and head to work hurriedly. The young generation is prone to consuming a lot of fast foods, sodas and many other unhygienic intakes that enhance the deficiency in minerals, nutrition, and vitamins in our bodies. 

Alkaline essentials state that, if you want to keep up with optimum health, there is nothing that can be better than an alkaline diet. As you take a lot of alkaline-rich foods, they will keep the acidity, osteoporosis, and weaknesses down from your body. The pH of human blood is considered to be slightly alkaline, which is a plus point for us. This implies that it is necessary to keep more alkaline foods in our eating regiment than the acidic ones. There are many alkaline foods that can improve your metabolism. Today we are going to demonstrate the top five healthiest alkaline diet foods that you should incorporate in your daily diet today. 

1. Spinach and Greens:

Spinach is considered the best alkaline food to be there in the world ever. You can take it raw or even cooked. Ther are some other highly-alkaline leafy vegetables such as lettuce, basil, fenugreek leaves, etc. These greens tend to have a lot of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for our bodies. 

2. Cucumber:

Do you know that raw cucumber comes with zero-calorie? It’s highly rich with alkaline properties. It tastes good, and it boasts of a lot of nutritional benefits. This vegetable is great when it comes to improving digestion and skin health. It will flush out the unwanted wastes from your body as it contains healthy alkaline water. 

3. Banana:

You must know that bananas have a lot of dietary advantages. It makes you energetic with its highly alkaline properties. It also helps you to let go of your acidic problems. It reduces the burning sensation from the body and improves your metabolism remarkably. 

4. Broccoli:

If you want one of the most nutritious alkaline food in the world, here it is. You can easily digest this vegetable, and it comes with valuable abundant minerals which we need for our health. 


This mouth-watering food will help you to keep a balanced pH level. It’s better to consume this food a half-cooked as it can provide maximum nutritional value. 

These are the top 5 healthiest alkaline diet foods that one should consume on a daily basis. These foods have helped people all over the world with high nutritional value. If you want to keep optimum overall health, these foods can be one of your best friends to help you obtain a disease-free life.