Top Coaching Institutes for NEET UG 2019-20


NEET 2019-20

Education is the foremost concern of every parent and student. In India, when we think of getting into a secured field, the most common streams limit to engineering and medical.

NEET has gained tremendous popularity in India in the last decade. The number of students appearing for NEET exam is constantly on a rise. This year, 14,10,754 students appeared for the examination across the different states and centers in the country. With the rising competition, it has become extremely important for students to take proper coaching for NEET UG exam to reserve a seat in the top colleges.

NEET is responsible for giving potential high school graduates admissions to the Top Medical Institutes in India. And to be eligible for these colleges, one shall take NEET coaching from the best NEET coaching institutes to undergo efficient training and be guided accordingly.

Here’s our pick for the Best NEET coaching centers in India:

  1. ALLEN Career Institute

ALLEN Career Institute the popular institute of India in the city of Kota, Rajasthan has a distinct reputation throughout India. ALLEN is known for its top-notch facilities and result producing, highly experienced team of faculty who have been producing some of the top AIRs in the past years. In the recent year, ALLEN gave 8 All India Ranks in top 10 AIR in NEET-UG 2019 while a total of 95102 students from ALLEN qualified the prestigious Medical examination, making Allen one of the Top Coaching Institutes for NEET.

The faculty at Allen has to go through a difficult screening process and therefore, are highly qualified for guiding the budding doctors. Thus, ALLEN Kota is a highly recommended institute for students aspiring to become doctors. However, Allen can be found in 25 cities Pan India making it one of the most approachable coaching institutes for NEET coaching.

  1. Aakash Education Pvt. Ltd.

Aakash is the name you’d hear when looking for medical coachings in the country. Roughly 55000 students qualify for higher studies in medical sciences each year from Aakash which makes it one of the Top coachings for NEET in India.

Tiering close to ALLEN, Aakash has also had extremely high selection rates in the years 2017-18, papers of which have been reportedly the toughest in a while. Branching out into more than 100 cities makes this Institution a rather very convenient one for NEET coaching.

  1. Motion

Motion, Kota is a very professional institute when it comes to producing high rankers in NEET and IIT JEE. From the Kota branch alone, 42 students from Motion secured above the 99.5 percentile mark and a total of 2212 qualifiers for NEET 2019.

Comparing the performances of other branches of Motion throughout the country with its Kota branch reveals that, the coaching staff is equally as qualified as the latter and any of them is a profitable choice for NEET aspirant. The material provided by Motion is notably accurate and serves as the best help for students of NEET 2020.

  1. Resonance Eduventures

Resonance is another one in the list of best medical institutes in Kota as it has benefitted more than 4,00,000 students by delivering outstanding results. Be it AIIMS or NEET, Resonance has been making a mark by providing excellent results through its classroom programs, distance learning, and E-learning programs in multiple cities across the nation to aspirants of NEET-UG.


Choosing a coaching institute is of utmost importance and shall be done with conscious thought and depends on many factors such as financial affordability, distance from home, etc. Multiple coaching institutes have coaching centers in Kota with wide influence throughout the country. Majority of coaching centers have programs like Online Test series, Distance learning programmes and classroom programmes to help every kind of student study and prepare better for the exam. Aforementioned were some relevant data and reviews from students and teachers all over. It is crucial that candidates research for themselves and choose the best coaching institute for NEET for them.