Top PLayers of the Melbourne Renegades Team


Melbourne Renegades Team competes in the Australian BBL and it is coached by the Michael Klinger. This veteran team has won the first title in BBL-8. Australian have big fans of this team because of its talented and skilled players. Not all are skilled but some of them have always spread their magic when they come into the pitch. So, in this blog, we are going to tell you some basic details of the top players that you must know if you are a fan of this team or BBL. So, let’s get started.

Top Players of the Melbourne Renegades Team:

  • Aaron Finch: The reason why we have placed Aaron Finch on the first position of the top players because he is the captain of this team. He has started playing BBL from season 2. He is known as an all-rounder because his batting is remarkable, balling is fantastic and fielding is very attentive. These qualities make him an ideal captain of his team.
  • Jess Duffin: Her aim encourages us to bring her in the second position. And her aim is from the teenager she wanted to become one of the finest cricket batters of an Australian team. That’s why she worked very hard in his career and now she is a part of a veteran Australian cricket team Melbourne Renegades and she always surprises her fans with her performance in BBL.
  • Tammy Beaumont: Tammy has proved the definition that girls can do anything and they are rocking. In her early career days, he joined the England team and played more than 100 matches. After than in 2017 she started her career in ICC Women World Cup and score 410 against South Africa.
  • Tom Cooper: Tom Cooper has joined Melbourne Renegades in BBL-7 season before he represented Netherland in the ICC World cup. In a match, he has made 324 runs, along with that 43 not out from 35 balls.
  • Alex Doolan: Alex Doolan is not only the veteran cricket but also known for its funny humor. He is the funniest and smartest teammates of an Australian team. He is a very experienced and talented player who are famous for his bowling.
  • Jon Holland: Jon Holland is a left spinner who started playing from BBL7. He has impressed his fans by his special technique bowling. If you are a fan of Melbourne Renegades you definitely know his amazing left-hand bowling.
  • Claire Koski : After resigning from the Sydney Thunder, Claire Koski joined the Melbourne Renegades team to play in BBL. She also played in 2014 world cup. She is one of the top players who also known for her fast-medium pace and wicketkeeper.
  • Mohammad Nabi: He is an Afghanistan player with her skills and talent he has made his name internationally. After seeing his global presence he got an opportunity to join Melbourne Renegades.

Final Say:

Now you have got the knowledge of the Melbourne Renegades teams. BBL 2019-2020 all the above-mentioned players will surprise their audience with the performance.