Top tips for effective GRE prep


GRE is an exam that consists of only 2 main focus points but is also one of the trickiest entrance exams out there. Even if you get trained from top trainers and have all the materials, it is very crucial that you spend time planning how to utilize that resource and getting the best out of it.

Let us see some of the most commonly advised practices for effective GRE preparation. Here are top tips by Inspirus Education, leading GRE test prep institute.

  1. Understand the Exam format:

This is one of the most important things to start with. You will need to understand the exam format and requirements before you start preparing for it. This will help you save time and skip the instructions during the exam. It also will help you split time accordingly and focus on answering the questions.

  1. Be the best at time management:

One of the ways to start preparing and delivering best results lies in time management. Even a person who starts preparing in the last moment scores really well. It is all about understanding your capability to get better at problem-solving and how much time you spend on doing that. You will need to refer a few papers before starting the preparation that will help you understand your position. Later, based on that result and time you took to prepare you can calculate how much you need to practice and how much time you have in hand. Split time and study accordingly.

  1. Get a good trainer:

As important as it is to prepare it also matters who is your guide and what pattern you follow. You will need a tutor who will help you identify your weak points and guide you on how to improve those. A tutor plays an important role in helping you discover new ways of solving the problems. This also will help you get the easiest and fastest ways of problem-solving. There are people who crack GRE by self-study too. But if you do not want to take the risk and if you think you need someone to clarify your doubts it is suggested to have a tutor.

  1. Maintain notes:

Notes are an important resource of this preparation. You have to maintain a notebook from the beginning which contains all the formulae and other useful exam key points. You can use this to refer to revise on short breaks like when you are commuting etc. Hence, maintaining a note of important things and going through it frequently helps you get a hold on topics.

  1. Take practice tests:

As for all the other entrance exams, this is very important. You will have to take mock tests to analyze a lot of things. Your time management, your problem-solving approach and other such factors can be analyzed and modified to get a better score in the entrance exam.

  1. Have a target score:

It is always crucial to know where you are looking forward to. When you know you want to score a certain figure to enter the university you dream of, then it has to be kept in mind as your goal score. Only focus on scoring that or above that. When you take mock tests and such see how far you are from the score you want and change your practices to try and get closer to it.

  1. Practice answering before looking at the options:

This approach will get you a sense of independence and will make you think out of the box. This way you get closer to the solution and do not have to worry about finding the right answer. That will make it very easy to solve a problem without the pressure of identifying the right one.

  1. Eat and Sleep well before the exam:

Your eating and sleeping habits have a major impact on how alert and active you are during your exam. Studies say sleeping enough before the exam helps you feel fresh and your brain to respond quickly. Also, avoid eating anything unhealthy or from outside to avoid any chances of falling sick. Keep yourself physically and mentally fit to attend the exam.

  1. Stay calm:

All your efforts are going to work only when you can stay calm. Don’t panic during the exam and consider it as just another one of your mocks. You need to be calm in order to grasp everything and focus on your examination. GRE gives you limited time to solve the problems and you need o stick to your practices.

  1. Apply all your skills:

Keep in mind that you are writing GRE and you will have to stick to the time frames you practised and apply all the techniques you equipped yourself over the weeks. You will need to remember what problem involves what approach and try to do that during your exam. It is crucial that you implement everything you practised.

Overall, take care of your health and stay confident. Any entrance exam can be a little intimidating when it is followed by dreams. You just have to put your part of the effort and give your 100% to the exam.

Good luck with your GRE Preparation!