Torrential rains caused havoc in the South Carolina State.


COLOMBIA: In the South State of Caroline torrential rains caused havoc. Due to heavy rains and flash flooding are facing the worst ever while in different incidents till now 8 people have killed and several are injured.

According to Foreign News Agency sea storm first clashed with Bhamas Caribbean Island US east coast on the Atlantic Ocean through the further.

However, torrential rains and flood the US state of South Carolina routines are badly affected and in different incidents approximately 8 people have been killed while hundreds have been imposed to leave their homes and have been transferred to secure places.

South Carolina‘s low-lying areas and roads were submerged and so many vehicles were struck in water. Storms caused uproot several of tress rather citizens are being faced enormous difficulties due to heavy rain.

In some areas of North and South Carolina, trains and road links have been cut off. United States President Barack Obama because of the flood situation in the state declared the emergency while in the affected areas American National Guards, Police and Rescue officials are busy in relief works.

It was said by Officials that they have not faced such like circumstance ever and heavy rains have been equaled the record of ten years’ rains.

Another side according to the Meteorological Department 45 centimeters of rain was recorded. Kongra water level in the river at its highest level since the 1936’s.

After which terrible flood warning has been released and those trapped in low-lying areas were shifted to safer places.

According to the report American Meteorological Department predicted due to which further heavy rain expected.

It is cleared that 3 years ago “Sydney” namely storm was hit an island which reached harm to New York and New Jersey in which more than 120 people were killed and 70 billion properties were damaged.