Traditional games are enhanced creativity in children.


In this era of technology children have been immense busy in internet that they have left the activities which are enhance their mental and physical skills but in a new research it was come in front that by playing creativity is developed in children. According to the publish report of Australia Journal “Physical Activity for Children and Health”.

Children who develop a mental game are the best feed for Health. It was stated in report that for mental and physical development of children that parent want their children to play outside the traditional sports. According to medical experts parents must be with those who go outside and appreciate them.

Consequently to medical experts Children who play outdoors are testing different things and see which is the best physical and mental development so we have to take out some precious time for our children because it is fact for long that today our children have been addicted of internet and their physical and mental health is being fallen down day by day so we must bring our children outside for their feature.