TV Buying Guide: What you should look for when buying a TV


The world of television has seen an evolution of advanced sets over the years. With the advancement of technology, TV has made lots of progress. These days you can livestream through the internet, play games and watch movies using a single set. The value of smart TV’s has hiked, due to its advanced features.

So, are you looking for a new grand television set? We are here to assist you with our TV buying guide. Some of the features to consider while buying a smart television are:

Price Range

The higher the price, the better the options you get. Due to intense competition, the price has come down over the last few years. For a few thousand dollars, you can get a 45 inch TV with most of the features. With few more bucks, you can grab an even bigger one with all the options available. The higher price range offers better contrast, rich and broad colour spectrum. Even better, most tech shops now offer Afterpay to buy TVs which means you can buy a TV slightly out of your budget and pay for it over a longer period of time.

TV size

Bigger the size, the better it will be. Purchasing a smaller size of TV, you may regret your choice later. Nowadays, TV sets are stunning, not just for the picture but also for the design. From huge black boxes to ultra-thin design TV’s, the evolution is massive. The latest LG’s Wallpaper television is as thin as a credit card. It can be hung on the wall using magnets and looks more like a piece of artwork. Flat or curved? The choice is yours.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution refers to how sharp a TV picture can turn out. On a normal basis, it’s measured by the horizontal lines of the pixels. A shift from HDTV sets to Ultra HD sets or 4K TVs is taking place. The 4K models give a sharp image on the screen. They have a greater pixel value compared to HDTV sets. As for Ultra HD, the video is awesome and is easy to find. Even now, Full HD 1080p is commonly used. Recently, 4K is turning to be a standard expectation.


The latest feature of 4K sets is the High Dynamic Range. It offers high contrast levels, rich colours and more brightness. The basic standard for HDR content is known as HDR10. Look out for Ultra HD Premium or HDR10, while buying a new TV set. If you want the best TV, choose HDR models which is the latest.

Refresh Rate

It refers to the number of times a picture is refreshed in a second. It’s measured in Hz (Hertz). The standard refresh rate for a picture is 60 Hz. For fast moving scenes, low refresh rate can create a vague picture. While buying a TV, go for a model with a refresh rate of about 120 Hz.

Contrast Ratio

This ratio refers to the level of brightness a model has. Good contrast ratios result in ultra fine colours and shadows. This provides a detailed and clear picture. The ratio measurements vary for each manufacturer. While testing this feature, use the movie mode in a TV set.


Choose wisely, while buying a Smart TV. Take note of the features discussed here. Be well prepared while shopping for your next TV set. In most cases, a lot of the modern TV sets are quite similar, and you mostly can’t go wrong with any of the leading models.