Tyreek Hill is NFL’s fastest player, due to both physical and mental edge over opponents


Chiefs speedy receiver Tyreek Hill is the sparkplug that makes the team really go on offense, and it’s because of his blazing speed, which allows him to stretch the field vertically, and opens things up for the rest of his teammates.

 And it’s not like Hill is simply NFL-quick, no, he’s the fastest player in the NFL, and that’s why opposing defenses devote their entire scheme to trying to contain him.

 But they rarely succeed, and that’s due to both the physical and mental edge he has over his opposition. This infographic from Betway Sports shows how being physically, mentally, and emotionally fit are critical for gaining an edge on match day.

Physically, we know what Hill brings to the table, as he once ran a 4.29-second 40-yard dash at West Alabama’s pro day, with some scouts hinting that he was even faster than that. West Alabama isn’t exactly a college known for producing top-tier athletes, though, so their guys aren’t experts at using stopwatches, and they surely don’t give players the benefit of the doubt. Hill was so fast that he was close to the NFL record, which is held by Bengals receiver John Ross, at 4.22 seconds. That means little now, though, as nearly everyone in the NFL agrees that Hill is the fastest player, and he’s also far more productive than Ross on the field.

 And while we know that Hill has the physical tools, the way he channels his thought process and dedication to the game of football also helps give him a leg up on his football competition. He has a high work ethic, and when his head is in the game, he’s been known to strike fear in the face of his opponents, giving it 110 percent while running them ragged. Often, opposing defenses are gassed in the fourth quarter, thanks to chasing Hill around all game.

 That’s helped open things up in the run game for Damien Williams and LeSean McCoy, but also for tight end Travis Kelce, who excels at running seam routes over the middle. Hill’s versatility and proficiency for running routes allow him to line up both in the slot and outside, with fellow receiver Sammy Watkins benefiting as well, which we saw in Super Bowl LIV, when he hauled in five catches for 98 yards — including the biggest late in the game, burning Richard Sherman in the process.

 Hill’s skill set is extremely impressive, but we can’t overlook how big of a role his speed and athleticism, as well as his mental edge, play on dominating his opponents virtually every time he steps foot on the gridiron.