UC Browser Mini Latest Version APP apk for IOS & Android


Have you ever been warned by your device about having very low space and required to remove some of your favourite apps or files? Many of you must not know but the web browsers are one of the most space consuming apps on your device. The sites you browse, store some of the data in your device in case you visit them again for easy and hassle-free browsing experience.

That makes your phone lagging a bit or even more. This is why you must have surely looked for less space-consuming apps in your app store. Here comes the UC Mini to your rescue. You surely need this lightweight version of the UC browser which is this browser itself.

Some great features of UC Mini browser are as follows

Go Incognito – You want to do private browsing. You can set it in UC mini and browser won’t really care which site you visited. Your data won’t be stored anywhere in the browser.

Data saver – With Data saving mode on, you can reduce your data charge bill. This feature will save plentiful of your precious cellular data.

It also has some other cool features such as a QR code scanner, control by the gesture, saves the page for offline viewing, plays your locally stored videos at vidmate apk, Night mode etc.

How to download U.C. Mini:

Downloading this app is very easy and takes just a few minutes. You can search for it in Google play store as it is the easiest way to install this app. The UC mini app would take just a few steps as it’s very small in size. But when your play store app is not showing this app, then what?

The developers haven’t made this app released in several countries due to some ongoing issues. Some devices have problems downloading apps from the play store. But you need not worry about any of the problems because we have a solution for you. You have another option of downloading the apk file first from any third party source and then try to install it manually.

Watch Videos at UC Mini

If you select a video that will be uploaded through the video, you will be given the ability to select the video quality that you have downloaded. If you watch high definition videos and have low internet connectivity, you can download it at the same quality as various video formats, such as 3GP, MP4, FLV and more. Sometimes this low-quality download is in use when you close your phone’s storage.

Widget Edit helps you download any videos directly through Android on your Android smartphone. No exploration in the Google Play Store. Download the zip file from any third-party source via vidmate.video and then install it on your Android smartphone. The gadget app is compatible with all Android versions.