UN 4 officials fired for sending pornography emails


NEW YORK: UN 4 officials fired for sending pornography emails. The UN (United Nation) children’s pornography through the mail to send to each other 4 Officers were fired.

According to foreign news agency 4 UN (United Nation) Official Government email send child pornography were involved in each other on that act they were fired out of sight their jobs while an official was also fired in contract with this alleged that he was being taken drugs in his car.

According to news agency employees were fired segments information has not been given in regarding of them. Another side according to report that was released by the UN (United Nation) that out of sight June 2014 till July 2015 misuse of powers and the UN (United Nation) personnel were involved in criminal behavior.

On which the disciplinary action was brought against them. This is really a bad news which we are heard day by day and it was a wonderful action which was taken by the UN (United Nation).

They have been surely kicked out their 4 employees who were found indulge in several crimes.