Unexpected Gifts For The Tech Savvy Male



This is the age of tech and just about every person on the planet uses a gadget in their lives. A simple example would be mobile and Smartphone’s. In today’s time, tech gifts are the most sought-after gifts out there whether you are buying one for your spouse, your brother or your best friend. In this post, we have gathered a list of the best gifts for the tech-savvy male in your life:

  1. Google Clips:
    How often have we wished that we had a professional photographer by our side who could help capture our best candid moments? Well, Google Clips is your answer to that question. Google Clips is a little smaller than your regular digital camera or a GoPro but it does its job relatively well. All you need to do is set it down and turn it on and the gadget automatically starts its work recognizing faces and different moments which it then captures in seven-second moving images. Quite cool, wouldn’t you say?
  2. Fitbit Ionic:
    Fitbit has come a long way since its initial days when it was just a simple fitness tracker noting down your daily steps and burned calories. Today, Fitbit has emerged as one of the best gadgets in the business offering health and fitness expertise and has gone a step above its competitors in the business providing a personalized experience for patrons. There is an industry leading GPS now along with a relative SPO2 sensor, heart rate tracking, smart notifications, contactless payments etc.
  3. Nintendo Switch:
    You know it’s a deal breaker if you got a Nintendo in the picture. The company came back with a bang with the launch of their most advanced gaming console in the form of Nintendo Switch. The device is also being dubbed as a hybrid console which is capable of running your TV at home and also becoming your gaming pal. You are now not limited to just getting a Playstation or an XBOX for yourself. Nintendo Switch is here to stay and what better gift than a console for that tech-savvy mate of yours.
  4. Tile Mate:
    On a lighter note, Tile Mate makes a perfect gift for someone who has a habit of losing just about everything may it be their car keys, phone etc. Tiny Mate comes equipped with a Bluetooth tracker that easily attaches itself to anything which can then be tracked via an app. The initial device was bulkier and not so durable but the new Tile Mate is now more compact, durable and waterproof.
  5. Kindle Oasis:
    If your friend is a lover of good reads, then the Kindle Oasis will make for a perfect gift. Kindle recently launched its first ever waterproof e-reader which the company claims can survive six feet underwater for almost an hour’s time. While it is not recommended that you really go out there to test the theory considering the cost you will be shelling out on the device. The Oasis also boasts of a 7-inch flare screen and comes in different variants ranging from 8GB to 32GB.
  6. Amazon Echo Spot:
    While you may not have the budget for an Amazon Echo, you can always go for the Amazon Echo Spot that is a mini version of its elder sibling and one of the best budget-friendly options available for home assistant beginners. Controlling smart home devices, calling an Uber and playing music has never been that easy.

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So there we have a comprehensive list of the best tech-savvy gifts for your male friends. Be sure to check them all out today.