Unique Ideas for Customer Appreciation Gifts


With a few annoying, stubborn, stressful exceptions, the customers and clients are generally always, 100%, unequivocally right, even when they’re objectively not. It’s just inherently good business practice to abide by; people like to have their interests, needs, questions, and concerns all seen and heard with compassionate understanding. It’s human nature to want and long for these things, and customers/clients will be far more receptive to businesses which address them with a sincere, considerate, humanistic bent as opposed to a cold, calloused, and clinical one. If you’re associated with a business based in Chicago or the greater Illinois area, then you can peruse the BONNAGE catalog chock full of locale-centric customer appreciation gifts. However, here are some unique ideas for customer appreciation gifts, which will be sure to please no matter where you’re based.

Coffee Table Delights

An oft-attributed quote to existentialist philosopher Albert Camus once famously presented a moral quandary between death and a cup of coffee: while life isn’t always the most enjoyable pursuit all the time, there’s no denying the universal consensus that a savory, aromatic Morning Joe is one of those big enticingmotivators to live for. If you’re out for some truly unique gifts for customers, simply express your agreement with something uniquely thoughtful and satisfactory. There’s plenty of under $50 options in that regard, like brewer coffee selection boxes, K-Cup selects, or attention-grabbing coffee table picks on interesting, relevant topics.


When seeking out unique gifts for customers and clients, this may not exactly be the most unique choice, but it’s an assuredly foolproof choice to universally please. Unless your clientele are devout diet abiders, very few people would pass up free food, and even so, there are plenty of online diet delivery services for more health-conscious gift packages. There are also pet ones like BarkBox and Chewy to supply your favorite furry friend(s) with food, toys, or treats. Consider such a gift package choice, supplies for cooking homemade food (or brewing beverages), or gift cards to local restaurant favorites.


You don’t have to donate your life savings and a kidney to gift your associates with some top of the line electronics. Quality earbuds, adapters, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones can be purchased for well under $5. Mini Google Home utility devices are available for $25.For $80 new or $20 used, you can gift readerstheAmazon’s standard Kindle tablet, with four gigs, 6-inch display, and a selection of over five million books!

Gift Cards

What better option for unique gifts for customers than uniquely, directly, personally tailoring it to their ownclients’ needs and interests? If it’s a niche industry, you may want to gift them cards, sales, or discounts on said industry niche. Still, retail stores, movie passes, restaurants, coffee shops, e-market, and VISA credit gift cards are always safe, go-to options.


Give the gift of giving back, and make your customers feel good doing business with you. Seek out verifiable organizations with Charity Navigator, and if possible, pledge a donation for a relevant charitable cause in their name!