United Nation expresses concern over the cancellation of Pak-India negotiations.


The Secretary of United Nations Ban Ki-moon Pakistan and India agreed between the national security advisers have expressed concern about the cancellation of negotiations.

Gave stress in contract with both countries to finish their differences and choose the path of negotiation. He expressed this hope that Pakistan and India’s leaders that negotiations will soon be used to restore all possible opportunities.

It is cleared that 23 and 24 August in New Delhi between the Indian national security’s advisers were to be negotiated by default. That India’s intransigence and the Pakistani delegation meet Kashmiri separatist leaders was cancelled due to the condition of the Indians.

It is remember that disputes is being enhanced between Pakistan and India day by day and they do not want to negotiate at all which are being delayed continuously by both of them while United States department spokesman was also gave stresses in contract with both countries for negotiations at last he said that talk on Kashmir is the issue of Pakistan and India.