Unknown Hackers hacked Daesh 5500 Tweeter Accounts


PARIS: Unknown Hackers hacked Daesh 5500 Tweeter Accounts. “Anonymous” namely a Hackers Group has been hacked 5 thousand and 5 hundred tweeter accounts of Daesh it was proclaimed by them.

Group launched campaign hereinafter the horrible attack on Paris in which it was said that they are being started cyber war against Daesh and in the very first stage they targeted extremist presence on the social media.

In this regard under the “#OpParis” hash tag in this campaign Daesh 5 thousand and 5 hundred accounts have been hacked. They posted each and every video on Youtube in which announcement to hack all tweeter accounts of Daesh was made but it was not at all told by hackers that how they made useless these accounts.

However group has posted the description of accounts on the name of “#daeshbags”. It was also said by a person who was wearing a mask on face and talking in Francis language that Paris attackers can not get rid from punish and they must be search.

We will never forgive them nor forget them and this is just begging while others cyber attacks will be also done on you.

It is cleared that this group is active against Daesh since duration but hereinafter the Paris attack they have been more active and their attacks have been more sharp.

It is also cleared that on Twitter itself is also growing pressure against Daesh accounts.