Use the mushroom helps prevent weight gain.


BEIJING: Mushrooms which are commonly known as “Khambi” and commonly are used in different soaps and pizzas while as a result of advance research found in certain types of mushrooms also helps prevent weight gain.

According to publish report in “Nature Communication” magazine. According to Taiwan’s Cheng silent for centuries in Chinese medicine experts at the University of the mushroom is used ganoderma lucidum.

Which are commonly used for long life and good health while these mushrooms are also changed present bacteria’s in digestive system by which weight can be less. It was said by researchers that ganoderma lucidum the fat or obese people lose weight and as type II diabetes by increasing resistance can be insulin.

It was said by him that although obesity in humans that the mushrooms before use to reduce the need for further experiments. But it certainly extract energy from our food is involved.