Vancouver – a beautiful mix of big city and green idyll


Vancouver is the pearl on the Canadian west coast that has been voted the world’s best city three times in ten years. Nature and big city in a lovely mix. Vancouver is the Canadian gem that has been voted the world’s best city on several occasions.

What makes Vancouver so good? After spending a week here you understand why. Vancouver has everything and despite being a big city, the huge skyscrapers are mixed with large green areas and plenty of water. The famous seawall winds around the city and in the north-west lie the huge Stanley Park which offers nature and outdoor life. For winter sports enthusiasts, the slopes of Whistler are just two hours from Vancouver – famous for good skiing and safe snow access.

Vancouver is also a major movie city. Since the Canadian dollar stands low against the US, the production companies choose to cross the border to film and thus save a lot of money. Do not be surprised if some world star passes or if a street is blocked off for movie recording.

The fact that we are in North America is evident in so many ways. A more open mentality but also greater gaps between those who have and those who have not. Housing prices have risen in recent years, which has led to an increasing number of people finding it difficult to settle centrally. With a price increase of more than 26 percent annually, Vancouver has one of the world’s hottest luxury housing markets. At the same time, new housing is being built at a furious pace and people are starting to talk about a risky housing bubble.

The best time to go to Vancouver depends on what you want to do – in August or even September because the heat stays much longer here if it is the city hangout you are looking for. But is it skiing, or ice hockey, that attracts then the winter season the winding is something to bet on, with the city’s proximity to the slopes in Whistler and one of the world’s best hockey teams.

Here are seven tips that will likely lead you straight to a wonderful vacation memory:

1.   Whistler Blackcromb – Glamorous skiing

Only two hours by car from Vancouver is the Whistler Ski Paradise. The Whistler Blackcromb ski resort is North America’s largest and this was the winter Olympics 2010. In the middle of the village stands the huge monument in the shape of the Olympic rings, which attract tourists here all seasons of the year. Skiing is top class as is the hotel offering luxury hotels such as Four Seasons. The season in Whistler runs between November and the end of May. The fact that the snow falls on average 11.5 per season here, which makes the mountains extremely snow safe, makes the ski resort classified as one of the best in the world.

2. Yaletown offers the hippest food

It is in the central Yaletown district you will find several of Vancouver’s hippest options when it comes to shopping as well as nightlife and culinary experiences. Here are several of the city’s most luxurious hotels such as the Georgia Hotel and Four Seasons but also the exclusive Holt Renfrew mall with all its scam shops. Of course, there is more purse-friendly shopping. Keep in mind that there is a 12 percent tax on the sum that is on the price tag. In Yaletown is David Lam Park with large green areas. It is beautiful to walk along the waterfront overlooking parts of the city skyline. A popular restaurant with good Mediterranean food is the restaurant Provance Marinaside which also has a lovely outdoor restaurant.

3.   Shop closely on the Granville Island Peninsula

Granville Island is a Vancouver peninsula located opposite Downtown. Here you can get both by car or boat. From Downtown, boats run between 07:00 and 22:30 every day. Granville Island used to be an industrial area, but today the peninsula is one of the hottest points for entertainment and shopping.

There are still many things we can enjoy in Vancouver but what has been mentioned above you should not miss. Interested in visiting Vancouver and other cities in Canada? Canada visa application is something you have to deal with.