Vitamin D deficiency can cause Diabetes and several types of cancer


EDINBURGH: According to Health Experts, Vitamin D has immense health benefits. Lack of it, especially in women, may cause fatigue and sadness. It can be a cause of diabetes, arthritis and several types of cancer.

According to the Scientists of Edinburgh University, Vitamin D also helps in controlling blood pressure. Scientists, during research, directed few men and women to ride bicycle till 20 minutes. Earlier to it, before informing the group, vitamins D pills were given. After two weeks, once again same group was directed to ride bicycle till 20 minutes.

Those, who took Vitamin D pills, rode bicycle much longer comparatively. They also had to put less effort. In addition, in their bodies a less hormone cortisol was found that is been a cause of enhancing blood pressure and heart diseases.

According to Experts, with the help of sunlight, our body absorbs Vitamin D. They insist that we have to walk at least 20 minutes every day under the sunlight as the sunlight that is absorbed in the body makes Vitamin D.

According to Health Experts of Queen Margaret University, lack of vitamin may be the cause of arthritis, diabetes and several types of cancer. Experts further say that Vitamin D is abundant in mushrooms, eggs and fishes but is better to take vitamin D test and follow the advice and consultancy of doctors.