Ways to speed up your Wi-Fi


Everyone knows the speed of your broadband internet in Pakistan. There is no need to tell you about it. Often people are worried rather suffer from mental frustration by internet speed.

When it improves, it does not know and you will continuously face problems with the speed of the internet.

However, here are some tips which can helpful to increase your Wi-Fi speed.

Keep router on perfect spot:

The best location to place the router is the centre of the house and even on a desk and shelf. It is helpful to keep your router away from walls because you can then straighten up the antennas. The most important thing is this that by keeping router at the centre of the house, you can save substantially deadlines spots.

Keep it away from electronic devices:

Most of the people are placed router near to TV or telephone but the results are affected signals. Along with TV and telephone, you must keep away other electronic devices too, such as LED Lights, Speakers, Monitors and AC power cord.

Keep it away from wireless signals broadcast devices:

Bluetooth speakers are also affecting wireless signals, so you have to keep such speakers away from the router, or if you use b-monitors so keep Wi-Fi router away from such devices.

Increase antenna strength by beer can

Use of password:

Protect your home broadband network via a password it increases Wi-Fi speed. Keep an eye on it that how many devices are using your network, if more devices are using your internet so its speed will be less.

Make habit to reboot your router in a routine:

To reboot the router is a safe way to increase your Wi-Fi speed. However, each time to manually may slow Wi-Fi speeds. That’s why create an automated schedule that will restart router once daily or in a week.

Get signal booster:

More powerful antennas can send more powerful signals. By which antennas are generally deprived. With the help of booster, you can increase the range and strength of Wi-Fi.

Buy another router:

Keep another router on any place at the house. You can get help to maximize the Wi-Fi signals.

Now you have known some useful ways to speed up your Wi-Fi.