We are physically and mentally ready to play in India, says Shahid Afridi


KOLKATA: According to the Pakistan’s T20 Cricket Team Captain ‘Shahid Khan Afridi’, we are now ready to play in India, physically and mentally.

It is a pleasure to play in India, we have started the tough practice. The first match of the tournament is very important. The team gets confidence by winning the first match. At the moment, India is playing a wonderful cricket. In order to remain in the tournament, Pakistan has to play a good cricket, said by Shahid Afridi in a press conference at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

I believe that we will have immense pressure in T20 World Cup but it happens in cricket. However, our record has been good in Kolkata. There are very few countries where it is fun to play cricket. Playing cricket in India is always a fun, further said by Afridi.

We did not perform well in Asia Cup 2016 but this is a different tournament and we have come here to perform well. I started my career as a spinner but later became a batsman and batted on every number. I am always ready for the team. Security was never an issue for me in India, said by Shoaib Malik.

It is clear that Pakistani team yesterday arrived at Eden Gardens under tight security. Pakistani team will play the warm-up match against Sri Lanka today (Monday, March 14, 2016). Green shirts will play its first T20 World Cup match on Wednesday, March 16th, 2016.

Remember that We are physically and mentally ready to play in India, says Shahid Afridi at the begging days of T20 World Cup 2016.