Wedding Venue Checklist: 6 Things To Consider For Your Manhattan PenthouseEvent


It’s June once again, one of the most popular wedding months in the US. Couples are planning their weddings and making sure that everything is perfect. In order to make sure that your wedding day is perfect, you need to consider these six factors for choosing one of many wedding venues in NYC.

  1. Your Guestlist

One of the most important parts of the wedding is the guest list. There are a lot of wedding venues available in New York based on the size of your guest list. In choosing for the perfect venue, your top priority should be the comfort of the wedding guests.

  1. Your Budget

Wedding venues usually eat a large portion of the wedding budget. Venues in New York City stand out in price because they can be more expensive than many other cities. There are two ways to face budget constraint problems. Your overall budget may be what determines the size, quality, and location of the venue. Consider giving yourself some extra leeway on your set venue budget and stick to looking within your price range. It’s also a good idea to call ahead and request quotes to avoid falling in love with a venue out of budget.

  1. Your Wedding Theme / Functionalities

If the budget is not of a concern, then you should focus on the wedding theme and functionalities, as well as the layout of the venue. There are many creative wedding themes to consider based on your personal aesthetic. October and November are great months for an evening farmhouse inspired wedding. Summer is an excellent time for a lighter, breezy, beach wedding. Some couples have based their theme off of their hobbies and interests, while others stick to a more traditional and timeless wedding. One example of a unique and timeless venue is Manhattan Penthouse, a beautiful wedding venue off of 5th Avenue. The gorgeous space is equipped with catering options, a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline, and an open concept for guests to socialize.

  1. Location Accessibility

Wedding venues are not limited to only churches. You can make your wedding happen in virtually any type of space you can imagine. In New York City, the accessibility of the venue is very important, especially if guests are traveling. Are there restrictions and other barriers to your wedding venue? Will it be easy to reach for your guests who are not familiar with the place? Will it need a specialized vehicle to transport a lot of people and stuff? These would be additional costs that might surprise you if you haven’t planned on it carefully.

  1. Venue Availability

Venue availability is also important because it will be a decisive factor. This is one of the things should be planned early, ideally, before the wedding season comes in. The earlier you check the availability, the less likely it would for you to run on hassles. Consider major events in the city, because this means that you and your guests might not have a hotel to stay after the wedding.

  1. Stay True To What You Want

And last but not least, choose the wedding venue that you want. If a wedding venue fits your needs perfectly, but you and your partner don’t really feel happy in choosing the venue, just drop the option and choose among other wedding venues available. After all, what makes the wedding more memorable is the authenticity of the moment.