What does an abnormal Pap smear point do during pregnancy?


Women are asked to undertake Pap smear test once they touch 21 years or within 3 years of becoming sexually active. It is a complete different scenario when abnormal pap during pregnancy is detected as you need to outline the process in details. Be aware that pap tests are not diagnostic tests but they are tools to find out any abnormal cells in the cervix. The moment a woman has an early pap smear it increases the chances of detection and treatment of any possible complications.

The meaning of an abnormal pap smear?

The moment you are told that you are suffering from an abnormal pap smear the obvious sign would be that of worry. This might point to the increase of infection or the presence of cancer cells. But take note of the fact that in no way it points to the fact that you are suffering from cancer. What it suggests is that further round of testing may be needed in order to figure out whether there is a problem or not.

The treatment mechanisms for an abnormal pap smear

The positive result might point to the occurrence of cancer cells, also referred to as abnormal Pap smear during pregnancy. Just take note of the fact that this works out to be a test and not a diagnosis in any way. There might be further round of tests called for to confirm the same. First among them is colposcopy where with the aid of a microscope you look into the cervix or this could be a biopsy where a small portion of the tissue is removed and it is observed under a microscope. The doctor is going to discuss the test results with you.

One out of ten tests is expected to be pointing to a degree of abnormality, but in case they are not that serious. During the further round of testing it can be found out that you might be suffering from infection or any type of inflammation.

The main reason for cervical cancer is HPV, but in case of women who receive treatment for cervical cancer in no way means that they are suffering from cancer.

In the year 2003, FDA went on to approve a test that could be done at an adjacent level with a Pap smear in order to confirm if you are suffering from an abnormal pap smear. This is a high profile test that can go on to detect risk patterns of HPV before any type of abnormal cells are detected on the cervix. For women who are above the age of 30 this is a type of screen that is recommended as they are at a higher risk of HPV infection turning into pre cancer cells.

In certain cases the sample of a pap test may turn out to be unsatisfactory because of poor samples. This could be due to incidence of recent sexual activity or the use of vaginal douches or creams. This might call for a Pap smear test in the next few months.