What happened when SALMAN KHAN’S movie TUBELIGHT “FLOP” on BOX OFFICE


Every SALMAN KHAN’S fans was expecting that SALMAN KHAN upcoming new movie TUBELIGHT will be watchable but TUBLELIGH movie couldn’t effect on SALMAN KHAN’s fans heart.

Bollywood superstar SALMAN KHAN’s film “TUBELIGHT” which is released on big event of EID but couldn’t best performance.

Small cinema distributors demanded compensation from the film on Bollywood film’s superstar SALMAN KHAN’S film tube light failure.

Salman Khan’s films earn record on box office and often add to 100 Crore clubs in 3 days, but the release of the movie “TUBELIGHT” on this EID has proved to be impossible for a special perfection.

The movie tube light, which has become a banner for the Salman Khan Films production house, has been made with more than 105 crore budget and was expected to make a record break on the occasion of film release, on which the film’s distributors also paid expensive money films. Ownership rights were purchased