What is Microsegmentation and How It Helps in Boosting Security?


To enable the fine grained security policy into assigned data center application, Microsegmentation technique is widely used. For several years this approach is recommendable for reducing the attack area of data center network. Using this process it is possible to work deep inside the data center by software only approach.

Among the many benefits of Microsegmentation, the most important one is to integrate security directly to virtualized load but no hardware based firewall is required. That implies the virtual network is synchronized with the security policy of the big organization. And it is not only the virtual network but also operating system, virtual machine and many other security targets. The security of a whole system can be parted into and integrated to a network interface. The security policy can be depending upon the workload.

Benefits of Microsegmentation

The Microsegmentation technique has a lot of benefits over network security and to prevent cyber attacks. World’s biggest data center vendors are recommending the benefit of network virtualization. Some the biggest organization are using this technique in their system to prevent latest cyber threats.

The virtualized network policy is also applicable to operating system, virtual machines and virtual networks and to other network configuration. Microsegmentation is such a technique that can used to secure east to west traffic in the data center.

Research shows that the Microsegmentation is the driver for the adoption to the virtualization of network. The security policy change has played a major role in adoption of Microsegmentation.

This web security technique works in the zero trust model of virtual security. That in this process, rule and policies can directly assigned to the workload or network connections. This actually means you can only enable the required application to the workload and easily block the unnecessary one. This process of zero trust in Microsegmentation makes it to more usable in the big and small organizations.

As the Microsegmentation is reliable and increase the security level, it also can be a bit complex and costly. Especially when it is used in the traditional data centers.

Continuous Security

The Microsegmentation technique provides a continuous security to the system as it is notion of persistence. In a physical network security the policy works on the basis of hardware based firewall, access IP address and other hardware based policies. If somehow the environment is changed, the whole system can be collapsed. But in the virtual networking the policies can be assigned to the network connections. And all the data can be moved if the network is anyhow reconfigured. It is clearly the Microsegmentation makes the data security reliable and persistent.

When Microsegmentation is in use the administrator can program base on security policy that where to the workload be used. Not only that, the security policy also can be programmed to have an auto response. Using the automated response it is possible to shut down the access if it is done in an inappropriate way.

However, Microsegmentation has a lot of advantages to create a secured virtual network. It enable the security function to be automated and more reliable which gives a persistent service.