What is proxy? And Why dedicated proxy IP is important for your business?


Dedicated proxy is a private IP which can use only one person at a time. This is an offer of proxy a high-speed connection for browsing. While using dedicates proxies, its whole service is just for specific users.

Nowadays, many people are using internet for different purposes. And with the other people, hackers also use internet for wrong purposes. If you want to prevent hackers so should take necessary steps. Shared proxy is too easy for the hackers but dedicates proxies will save your information and you can tension free with the dedicated proxies.

People often want to buy dedicated proxies for different purposes such as:

  • Open banned websites
  • Access various social media sites
  • Buy dedicated proxies for the protection of your identity
  • Hide your location and IP address
  • Buy dedicated proxies to remain anonymous

 How dedicated proxies work?

A proxy server is connected to a gateway server that separates the network of enterprise from another network and firewall server. It proves useful to protect your company’s system from external interference. The dedicated proxy server checks the filtering requirements after getting user’s internet service request.

For the proxy server, it’s a cache server, and it looks like localized website local cache. If the server finds the page, it automatically returns to the user without any request on the Internet. The proxy server accesses on a computer among on the Internet resources and remote users.

The proxy server prevents all user requests from remote users and makes a gateway to a remote user so that it can reach multiple internet resources. The dedicated proxy server is used to avoid external access to external users.

Kinds of dedicate proxies

It is necessary to buy the best-dedicated proxies to change IP address. For the always changing the IP address, don’t worry about getting banned from other websites. Your special activities such as marketing may be banned on specific internet sites.

Maybe they ban your IP address if banned your IP address, and then you will get a message for your IP there will be written that the website is not available for your IP. In this situation, you can change and hide your IP address. You can get all of these facilities with the dedicated proxies.

Dedicate proxies are known as private proxies. These are better to semi-dedicated and shared proxies. Apart from this, with the semi dedicate you have to purchase proxy server, but don’t get used to bandwidth properties. With the free dedicated proxies, you shared with the numberless user by it, then slow IP, and your connection slow with this.

 Impact of Dedicated Proxies

Many of the dedicate proxies play an important role in the networks. It is the best to banks accounts security for multiple clients. These dedicate proxies processes control the secrets records of the country. Dedicate and private proxies are well good for government offices to protect confidential documents. The secret records must be protected from hackers.

These proxies are famous in different places of the world where the high-speed internet available. Police and some crime investigation departments used dedicated proxies because they have secret information. And some hospitals also use these dedicated proxies to save the records of patients, and its use efficient for the protection of personal from hackers.