What is the difference between Skin whitening and skin Brightening?



Each person is born with a different kind of skin tome and shade. When it is exposed to the sun for long hours, the skin naturally tans. But with the help of some beauty products and treatments, your skin can gain its natural and beautiful color.

For the reason that beauty and looking beautiful is the most important thing for a woman, there are so many different kinds of creams to choose from, the skin brightening ones, the skin lightening ones, and the bleaching ones, which makes it become difficult to choose the best one.  Although there are many products available in the market that say that they can lighten your skin tome, not all of them are safe to use. It is most advisable to use a skin whitener or even a lightener as recommended by your dermatologist. But first, before you go for lightening or whitening methods, you need to take methods and see to it that further tanning and darkening is avoided. You can use a hat or a scarf to protect your skin when you are out in the sun.

It is important to know the difference between skin lightening, brightening and whitening before you go for treatments.

Skin brightening

Skin brightening creams are specially designed to give your skin a natural and vivid radiance to the skin. They improve your dull skin complexion through exfoliation techniques and methods. This process of exfoliation will not technically make your skin complexion whiter, but will make your skin look fresh and smooth and also make it glow. Also, it removes the old skin cells and makes your skin tone a few shades lighter. Brightening creams contain exfoliants in addition to anti-oxidants and natural extracts and some other chemical compounds that will revitalize your skin. The creams also contain vitamin C and Vitamin A that can help in the reduction of skin darkening. When you search for some of the best treatments that are available, you should look for treatments that include something called micro-exfoliants.

Skin Whitening

Skin whitening is more of a harsh treatment when compared to skin brightening. They do not use natural creams and treatment methods, instead they use harsh bleaches that might not suit all skin types. It is most advisable to check with a dermatologist before you begin this treatment. It can also here, you are basically using the skin lightening ingredients in higher concentrations, to lighten the skin by several shades. Basically, you intend to do more than just brighten and fade the dark spots on your skin. This is what makes the treatment so harsh when compared to skin brightening. Skin brightening can suit all skin types, but skin whitening cannot. Most of these bleaching agents like HQ (hydroquinine) are added to fairness creams and skin lightening creams to whiten the skin. However, it has been proven by research in the recent years that the use of these creams containing the chemical can have harmful effects. Now, natural agents like Kojic acid, Bearberry extract and Mulberry extract are being used instead of HQ. this makes skin whitening less dangerous.

For both skin lightening and brightening, it is important that you practice some methods like wearing a hat in the sun to protect your skin from radiations. This helps you minimize the risk of further damage to your skin. You need to follow these methods all through the treatment stage and also after it to protect your skin.

Eating a balanced and healthy diet and drinking adequate amounts of water will also help you keep your skin bright, glowing and healthy. This includes foods rich in vitamins.