What is The Trick and How to Avoid Returns Amazon India


Online sellers have a great time doing sales on Amazon. While, it is time-consuming, tiring, and can become difficult when the order is in large volumes. The stress is more as it deals with manpower, costs, and logistics management to fulfill the orders. Apart from these, quite often there are product returns. It is a must to know how to avoid returns from Amazon India

Why Avoid Returns?

The returns are due to improper management techniques and lack of awareness. Mostly simple reasons result in sellers receiving returns and facing huge losses.

At Amazon, sellers are assisted with streamlining the operations. Thus, the costs are reduced and the losses minimized. Yet there is a need to work on the ways to avoid returns and reduce the products coming back as the returned product.

Tips to Avoid Returns

Always Have Exact Details of The Product:

The information of the product should be exact on the description page. This gives the buyer details precisely and they buy the same to get it delivered. Ensure the description specifies the product size, color, quality, pattern, and image. Customers receiving a product different from the detail page shown or described is sure to return the product as he or she will not be pleased with the product. Following best practices and listing the cataloging reduces the possibility of product returns.

Maintain Quality and Ask Customer Feedback:

There is a need to maintain product quality to ensure continuous sales. At the same time, make a note of the customer feedback. Especially if a particular product is getting returned several times or you receive complaints, you should not keep silent. Find the cause and fix it. Responding or communicating with customers will keep you going. It may be a set of defective products requiring attention or maybe you could do small changes in the product detail page description. Whatever quick action on customer feedback will reduce returns and eliminate complaints. Also, third-party services like Revexpo would help to provide product trustworthy and help to avoid returns. 

Excellent Packaging:

How to pack a product alone does not mean packaging. Make sure while packaging, the right product is sent and shipped. Delivering the wrong product will result in very quickly customers losing trust.  Packing the exact product is important and it is more important to adhere to the packaging standards of Amazon. Take care to ascertain your customers receive that they ordered in excellent packaging.

Ensure Timely Delivery

Customers dislike waiting. The earliest best. If not, at least never miss the delivery date. Customers also have deadlines such as an anniversary or birthday. On receiving an order, as a priority dispatch the product in the first place.  There is a possibility for delayed product delivery and this may be in transit due to several logistical reasons. However, dispatching an order received without delay should always be prioritized. A customer receiving an order very late may return it as he or she may not need it any longer. Delaying causes negative customer experience and returns of products. it is a situation that is in your hands to avoid. You can do it with speedy delivery and timely shipment.

Competitive Pricing:

All said and done, winning customers is possible by ensuring your products are priced competitively on Amazon in comparison with other sellers. A customer ordering your product has all the chances to find a similar product elsewhere at a lower cost. If so, your product will be returned. The perception of the customer is the pricing, the money value that is the key to returns, and dampens the successful sale.


Q1.  How to Return Products on Amazon India?

A:  You should visit Your Orders and click on return. State the reason. 

Note: In case the seller does not address your query within two days, Amazon A-to-z Guarantee will handle it for you.

Q2. What are The Guidelines to Return the Product?

A: The return guidelines are:

  • The item and the address to return must be qualified for return.
  • If it is not eligible for return Pickup, there will be a self-return option given.
  • As the return is received, a refund as per Amazon.in Refund Policy is issued and the original payment is refunded.
  • For orders that are Pay on Delivery, refunds get processed to the bank account.

Q3. Where to know the Return Status?

A: To know the return status, go to Your Orders and locate the item. Select status Return/Refund, you will know the status. 

Q4. How to Return a Gift?

A: Visit the option Gift Returns, enter the Order Number and start a return. To return a gift and take an Amazon Pay Gift card in exchange. This can be done if the gift giver has sent to you a Gift Receipt. 

Q5. What are the Products That Can be Returned?

A: Requesting returns from sellers listed on Amazon.in is found for most sites in the return window. However, some items are explicitly mentioned not returnable on the detail page, and such products are not taken for return.

Items are returnable only on receiving them in good condition. There should be no physical damage or missing accessories or parts. It should not be different or defective from the product description.


Amazon return policy can be returned to Amazon.com within 30 days or shipment. However, there are different requirements or policies associated with each product. The no-commotion over the return policy of the e-commerce giant Amazon has proved it to be a customer-friendly seller. Now several people use it to their convenience by returning the products to Amazon that even the physical stores do not accept. 

Amazon accepts returns when it is sent through Amazon warehouse and issues a credit to the buyer’s account, even before the product is back to its facilities. It is done as a part of customer service.

However, it is necessary to avoid returns to Amazon India by taking actions that improve customer experiences and reduces returns. New sellers setting up a business online to sell on Amazon, understand how to avoid returns, and ensure profit margins.

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