What questions does Bollywood King Khan avoid?


The Bollywood Super Star Sharukh Khan wants to save out of that question’s list immense long. Recently he was answering raised questions out of sight his fans in contract with Social Media. He released a short list of unwanted question in regarding a answer of his fan. He was been under AskSRK# communicate with his fans hence twitter. through “Crazzzyy me” someone asked to him that What questions do you want to quit? so he discussed except favourite heroine and among related question almost Salman Khan.


Sharukh Khan wrote “I do not like questions yours’ Favourite colour, favourite food, relation with Salman Khan, competition of income, favourite actress, release date of movie, why are you looking mourn? why look so tired ….. etc. it is remembered that conflict is found between King Sharukh Khan and Dabaang Salman Khan since 2008 from Barbie Doll Katrina Kaif’s birthday party and both avoid each other.


However, Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party in their relations after the meeting softness is observed. In Bollywood what was earning of whose this comparison is common and immense conversation is been hence Actress Kajol’s pair. Someone asked him that how do you feel? hereinafter reached at No. 3 from Mr. Perfect Aamir Khan and Dabaand Salman Khan?


In response of that question Sharukh Khan wrote in his style that in fact I come at last I am a big bencher, I really enjoy it. when he was further asked a question by someone that whom Bollywood Actor will he be like to do acting then he replied that “My friend Hugh Jackman”.

So many fans were felt so joy and enjoyed a lot these movements and enormous fans were seen really sad whose did not receive answers of their questions. Shah Rukh Khan tweeted that the second trend is that their chat and 49 thousand people have tweeted with the AskSRK #.