What To Expect When Attending the 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Awards


While good deeds should primarily be done on the basis of natural compassion, rather than a desire for recognition, it’s still nice that things like the Corporate Philanthropy Awards exist. Every year, businesses in the Washington DC area are recognized for their positive involvement. If you’re attending the 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Awards, here is what to expect.

  1. Meet New People

All sorts of esteemed professionals can be found at the Corporate Philanthropy Awards, and you shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to get to know them. The Grand Hyatt Washington, where the awards are held, is the ultimate place to network. During the initial “Networking Reception”, make your way around the room and focus on what you can both gain and give to your fellow professionals. Discuss your philanthropic ideals and exchange contact information with anyone who has similar values to you. It’s no matter if your businesses aren’t exactly the same. You just need to be able to find common ground based on how much importance you place on giving back.

  1. Learn New Things

The event is capped off with a panel discussion. This is a time to sit up and take notes because you never know when you’ll be presented with something that totally shakes up how you view philanthropy and its relation to your business philosophy. There might be some ideas shared that you’ve heard before, but the person sharing them does so in such an eloquent manner that it’s completed astounding. Open yourself to this realization so you can gain more out of your time at the 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Awards. You should also feel motivated to spread the word about what you find to be the most important parts of business philanthropy to be.

  1. Being Touched

During the ceremony, you’re bound to hear all kinds of stories about how these businesses have improved the lives of those in the community. Emotions have their place in the business plan. If they didn’t, this kind of ceremony wouldn’t be possible. You will be moved by the many initiatives that have been undertaken. It’s a wonderful reminder of just how many selfless people are out in the world and how one person’s actions can be a catalyst for lasting changes.

  1. Community Appreciation

These awards can make you swell with an appreciation for the Washington DC community or any community you belong to. They’re meant to honor the community for being so inspiring that people want to invest in it and its citizens. Should you be visiting from elsewhere, use these lessons from the experience for inclusion in your own business philanthropy methods. You might not believe in karma, but you should be able to easily see how these good deeds will come back to affect you in a positive manner.

The 2019 Corporate Philanthropy Awards take place just over the course of a few hours on the morning of November 8, but it’s an experience you can get so much out of. You can meet new people and be inspired. Should things go as they should, you’ll immediately start counting down the days until next year’s ceremony.