What to Look for in a Golf Shirt


The game of golf may have a murky history, but we know for a fact that the modern version traces its roots from Scotland. Some believe that it began sometime in the 14th century in Holland.

The game, of course, comes with a unique fashion sense. People pick and choose from different golf shirt brands both for style and functionality. The picky sense of fashion comes hand in hand with the history of the game as well, especially as the sport became more popular worldwide during the 19th century.

A More Formal Look, But Function Also Plays a Role

Everyone viewed golf as a sport for gentlemen, which is why shirts usually have collars on them no matter which golf shirt brands you plan to wear. It is part of the dress code associated with the game.

Note that the strictness of the dress code is usually proportional to the exclusivity and reputation of the course or golf club in question. If you are unsure which type of shirt you are allowed to wear, then check out the club’s website or ask one of the staff at the front desk.

Since you are going to be swinging clubs a lot of times, you better opt for a breezy polo. It usually allows for better swings, and it keeps you cooler during hot days as well. You can get long-sleeved shirts to wear in colder months.

Plan for That Hot Sweaty Day

Golf is a sport—no doubt about it. It can be tough on some days, and there will be days when you will work up a sweat from time to time. This factor comes into play when selecting the type of material the shirt is made of.

Here’s a pro tip—you might want to avoid 100% cotton shirts if you tend to sweat a lot. Sure they are breathable, but they tend to soak up a lot of sweat, especially during hot days. If you really must have a pure cotton shirt, then wear it only during cooler days.

For the summer, you are better off with a golf shirt that is made of moisture-wicking fabrics; this is the season for 100% polyester shirts. Apart from the fact that they dry quickly, they are also not prone to shrinkage, wrinkles, and they are stain-resistant.

These are the types of material for your golf shirt if you are trying to avoid getting those embarrassing underarm stains. If you want something more breathable, then get a shirt that has cotton in the material, like the combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester (or some other easy to dry material).

Get Something for Colder Days

Different golf shirt brands usually have long-sleeved shirts on their list. Everyone knows that golf is usually a game that people play when the weather is warm and sunny. However, sometimes you just cannot help but play golf even during the colder months of the year.

Avid golfers usually have very flexible wardrobes. They will usually have long sleeve golf shirts as well.

Of course, that would not be enough to keep them warm, so they also have matching jackets in their gear. Make sure that the sleeves are flexible enough so that it would not hamper your swings.

Golf is definitely a more elegant sport. The golf shirts you pick should also match the prestige and reputation of the club you’re playing in, so dress accordingly.