What You Need to Know Before Entering Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


Medical marijuana has been legalized to most states in the U.S. for its known uses in alleviating pain caused by many illnesses. However, you can’t just show up in a store and buy it, as it is still not legal under federal law.

You need a card before you can buy any products from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. It is to keep you safe from any state-level criminal penalties from using medical marijuana. Once you have obtained a card, below are some friendly reminders to make sure that you are going to have the best experience on your first visit.

Mind your age

Only 21 years old and above are permitted to buy from a dispensary. Most states that have legalized marijuana followed the rules set on alcoholic beverages. No one is exempted from this rule.

Anyone who is going to visit a dispensary for the first time will be greeted by security personnel to ask for identification. You must have any valid ID that shows your birthdate like a driver’s license before you can enter the store.

Budtenders are always ready to help you

Once you get inside the dispensary, a budtender will assist you with everything you need. The budtender’s job is to show you their products, offer recommendations, and answer your questions. Budtenders are like consultants who would ask you relevant questions to guide you in choosing the best cannabis products for you.

Most dispensaries make sure that their staff is adequately trained and well equipped with the right knowledge to help you make a sound purchase. You may want to ask all the questions you have in mind and expect to receive a satisfying response. Don’t forget to give your budtender a handsome tip for a job well done.

Most dispensaries do not accept credit cards

Marijuana is still illegal to use or handle at the federal level. This is why many banks don’t want to do business with cannabis trade for fear of possibly being charged with money laundering. This means most Medical Marijuana Dispensaries only accept cash.

There are a few dispensaries that are able to find a way to accept cashless payments, though. But it is advisable always to bring cash on hand when you are going to visit a pot store. Also, buying marijuana in dispensaries is more expensive. Keep in mind that there will be state, excise, and local taxes that will be on top of the base price of their products.

Dispensaries have no return policy

Before buying, make sure that the products you are going to buy will work on your lifestyle. Most first-time buyers may spend hundreds of dollars on products that their budtender showed them, and realize that they have overspent on weeds once they got home. Remember that there is no way you can go back to the store, return some items, and get a refund. It does not work like that. Be careful about what you are buying. After all, dispensaries will not go anywhere, and you are welcome to visit again anytime.

Medical marijuana is said to alleviate pain and discomfort from many health conditions, and its products come in various forms. Once you are ready, remember these helpful reminders before visiting some medical marijuana dispensaries in your state to have the best pot store experience.