WhatsApp Introduced a New Privacy Feature


Enhanced contacts app WhatsApp Hack will be impossible to read any message after which offered updates while increasing your security and privacy.

Based on the new security features now be confirmed inscription and account both the messaging and only the number 6 code to login from a new device for it will not do to put the phone number of the user will have.

The Whatsapp android, iOS and is being offered for Windows which has started but will take a few days to reach every user, however, you can get new features like.

Please go to the settings page, select the account and then click to Step verification. Here you can activate this feature by selecting enable.

The app will ask your email address verification code is 6 digits. Although e-mail is not mandatory, but in case you forget your password to a new password will be sent to your e-mail.

This email address can send mail to disable two steps from WhatsApp, which will be dispatched to the Password.

The phone directly from WhatsApp account can be deactivated but the phone was lost or taken in case it is not safe. But while no verification of the process can not reach your account. Although WhatsApp is a secure app, but the company is working to create safer and more secure your app.

Because of new security feature of WhatsApp to log in from a new device 6 Digital password will be required. The new feature provides inscription from one end to the other. It hackers and cyber burglar will not be able to read your messages.