Which Internet Security and Antivirus is the best?


It might be a hard task to select the best internet security solution for your device as all of them are designed with different features to attend to different needs. Antivirus software comes in different functionality and they can offer protection for your home computer or the whole network. This can be seen, for example, in a comparison of PC Matic vs Norton. The following is well-documented review of the best internet security and antivirus software.


Bitdefender is number one on our chat as trusted antivirus brand used by more than 500 million users. It is used in over 150 countries and becomes one of the world’s leading providers in antivirus protection as well as cybersecurity. Bitdefender is literally pioneers in antivirus protection and has in its name, many antivirus awards according to online test laboratories carried out.  These include leading test laboratories like the Anti-Malware Testing Standard Organization, AV Companies, AV Test and PcMag.

Bitdefender is rated number one in this review because it offers outstanding protection against viruses, has an array of useful features and has very minimum impact on the system’s performance. The software features automatic upgrades so that it automatically updates so that it offers maximum protection against any form of advanced malicious cyber threats that can ever be found in your system. The subscription includes updates to the latest version so that you get access to latest features even on halfway subscription.

The advanced protection of Bitdefender extends to the cameras your device has so that there is no privacy intrusions. Besides, it offers advanced multi-layer protection against ransomware and you get notified in case there is a possible attack so that you don’t lose files and money. It has high capabilities of detecting viruses and features basic package that has premium features.


McAfee is a great solution for people who want to protect both very small and large firms. Its smart licensing policy allows users to protect as many devices as he wants. It is a good choice for those operating a business. It has an array of free tools that allows you to control what children watch online and protect your email against malicious spam threats. It is designed to protect your device against latest malicious threats. Its premium products have ideal features like the advanced encryption that helps you keep documents in encrypted folder and the removes all viruses from your gadgets 100 percent without leaving anything. It has above average level of protection as well as virus detection. The antivirus however has a great impact on your device.


TotalAV is an amazing antivirus that is designed to offer maximum protection of your device against adware, Trojan, viruses, spyware and malware. It is also easy to use software and is ranked amongst the top brands. It is compatible with both the desktop and mobile phones. Its pricing is in three categories which majorly depend on the features each package carries. Each package has top-notch protection against malicious virus threats. The antivirus software also acts as a disk cleaner and can be used to free up space in the system. It is also a website browser cleaner and has other useful features too.

Besides, TotalAV has the ability to scan and eliminate duplicate files and features enhanced performance so that all speed issues can be noticed and rectified immediately to have a smooth running of your device. Other features you can find on TotalAV antivirus software include Virtual Private Network on paid package, file backup, enhanced firewall protection, parental controls and much more.


Norton antivirus software is a top notch solution that is designed to offer protection for up to 10 devices. It is the best solution for beginners as it is easy to use, besides, it offers full protection against malware and viruses. It has got high consistent ranking as one of the best consumer-security antivirus software when it comes to offering overall protection against virus and performance as a whole. It has less impact on the device’s system to guarantee you required speed and detects malicious viruses and malware threats very fast.

Amongst the top features offered by Norton on the three tiers include firewall protection, full antivirus protection, identity and financial protection, email and spam blocking, password manager, parental controls and PC optimization tools. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Mac.


BullGuard is easy-to-use antivirus software suitable for beginners and with a single license you can protect most of your devices against malicious virus threats. It is absolutely fast and easy to use and you can install and manage it without any difficulties. Bedsides, BullGuard are well priced compared to its competitors. BullGuard is a better option when it comes to security protection because it is offers full featured protection and features protection on firewall, protects against identity and finances. It also features parental control option, offers protection on your emails and blocks spams. It also has spam manager and features optimization tools with 25 GB online backup space that can serve three computers.


If you are looking for accurate and reliable protection antivirus software which is capable of recovering files that have been damaged by malware, then Kaspersky is the best solution. Kaspersky antivirus software is easy to use that comes with a 30-day trial and it doesn’t need email address. It has the capabilities of monitoring strength of passwords on new sites and gives alerts in case of potential threats. It has the smarter self-protection feature that is capable of restarting Windows Base Filtering Engine in case it stops.

In situations your paid version expires, Kaspersky antivirus software automatically switches to the free version in selected regions in the world. The interface is very simple and shows what you are currently being protected of. It has scan panel that lets you run quick or full scans on your system. Besides, Kaspersky allows you to check all external drives or files as well as folders specified in the search. The scans done by the antivirus are above average and you can opt to makes scans a bit faster when you choose to scan only latest or changed files.