Why a Good Noise-Canceling Earbud is Essential While Traveling



Traveling is part of human life and we travel every day and every time to different places to satisfy different human needs. You may travel abroad for further studies, leisure time (to have fun), business trips, meet friends and more others. There are different ways which we use while traveling. They include planes, cars, ships, bicycles, walk, and others.

When traveling we need to make our journey as interesting as possible. Most of us tend to listen to our favorite music, audio novel, and more others. Our means of transport produce a lot of noise hence we need to have good noise-canceling earbuds so that we may feel comfortable while using them. There are several reasons why we need good earbuds while traveling. Below are some of them.

Reasons why we need good earbuds while traveling

1. Noise-canceling feature

The latest earbuds are fitted with active noise canceling features. This will allow hearing only what you are supposed to. They are fitted with microphones which get all the incoming sound from surrounding and deform them. Some earbuds are fitted with an ambient mode which will allow you to easily switch to the environment and hear some announcements made if you are in a plane.

2. Comfort

Comfort is needed when doing everything. Nothing is more annoying than having an uncomfortable thing in your ears. They may even cause your ear canal to ache. A comfortable earbud should be;

3. Lightweight

Good earbuds shouldn’t be heavy to your ear. This will allow you to use it for as long as you need it. Heavy earbuds cause pain to your ear canal.

2. Ear tips

Different earbuds have different sized ear tips. The best ear tip should be made using soft material to prevent scrubbing of your ear. Soft ear tips are made of silicone materials. The ear tips give one a snug-fitting to your ear hence you will be able to use the earbud for long hours without issues.

Most earbuds come with three or four pairs of different sized soft ear tips i.e. small, medium, large and extra-large. You will be able to choose which ear tips fit well in your ear without pain. A good fitting ear tip will help in isolating noise from outside hence you will be able to hear your audio properly.

4. Wireless

Most of the earbuds are wireless. This will allow you to have hands free operation. Most of the earbuds are fitted with the latest Bluetooth technology which will greatly help in having a stable and fast connection. Wireless earbuds are reliable and you will never unwind knots that are formed by wire because it is not there. The wireless advantage will also help you in making hands free phone calls. This is safer especially to drivers because your hands won’t be distracted from the steering.

With the latest Bluetooth technology, you will be able to pair and connect with more Bluetooth enabled devices which include smartphones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players, television sets and others

5. Portable

Good earbuds come with a compact storage case or carry case. This will allow you to pack it in small spaces within your travel case. This will also help in minimizing the displacement of an earbud especially when you are in a hurry.

6. Stylish & affordable

Most of the best earbuds have a good design which makes them attractive. On the outer side, they have the logo company and the brand name which makes them unique. Some earbuds have a stylish and classy color and finish. Nowadays earbuds are cheaper because there is more competition in the market.

7. Best audio sound quality

Best earbuds give out crystal clear audio sound. You will be able to hear every bit of the audio comfortably. For music lovers, best earbuds have good bass output and treble response. Most of them have an equalizer setting which will allow you to set the sound the way you like.

8. Simple to use

Earbuds have a user-friendly interface. Some have buttons while others are touch-enabled. Also, some earbuds are voice-enabled. They are compatible with Alexa. You will experience no difficulty while connecting to other devices because most of the earbuds will be auto-pairing.

9. Rechargeable battery

Wireless earbuds are fitted with a rechargeable battery which will allow you to use it for a longer time. Furthermore, they come with a charging case that will let you recharge the earbuds when the power is low. With this, you will be able to use these earbuds when on a long journey.

10. Examples of good noise-canceling earbuds

Some of the best noise-canceling earbuds that can be used while traveling include House of Marley Redemption ANC true wireless earbuds, Soundcore Life NC Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds, Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 ANC earbuds and others.


Traveling is part of the everyday life of a human being. We travel for a different reason and for us to enjoy our journey we need the best noise-canceling earbuds which will help us to listen to our best audio music. Most of the earbuds are simple to use. When traveling there is so much noise from the street, and others produced via cars. That is why we need good noise-canceling earbuds so that all the noise can be blocked and allow you to hear only what you need.