Why Cockroach bad for HEALTH?


You can see Red brown bugs most of you face these horrible creatures every day – they quarrel on their sink, relaxing the pipe holes, passing through the trash and resting on the edge of your refrigerator. The fact is, the cockroaches come out in the light of the day when the place is too high for them or when they are sick. Not only do they bring you social embarrassment and fear, but they play a silent role in the bad error of your family. Cockroach itself is not a cause of any disease, but they are vector or carriers for millions of bacteria and infant agents who can lead diarrhea to a row of toxic foods.

  1. Food contamination

Cockroaches can survive from almost any meal. In addition to the food we eat, they also feed on dead plants, animals, fox cases, glue, soaps, paper, leather and falling hair edges.

  1. Bacterial caused by disease

During the feeding cockroaches regurgitate their own saliva and digestive fluids from their mouth to inoculate your food with germs or bacteria residing in their gut. According to a study is found that bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa can multiply in extensively in gut of cockroaches. As a result, many diseases may include urinary illnesses, digestive problems and capabilities.

  1. Cockroach bites

Some people of cockroach have been found to bite humans. These cases are unusual, but if your home is full of insects, you should be careful because they wound a soft part of fingers, toes and leather.

  1. Attack on the body parts

Cockroaches can not only attack your home but parts of your body. There are several cases in the cockroach entering the nose. If you are deep sleeping, small cockroaches can easily enter body drains.

  1. Food poisoning

In spreading an epic epidemic to poison, it was found that cockroach’s infection has ended completely after the new cases. There is also a home of insect bacterium salmonella which can become toxic to typhoid and food.

  1. Allergies

Cockroaches can cause allergy. Their flexibility is hundreds of alerts in saliva secretion and body parts that can trigger unbearable responses. You may be filled with skin, spraying and watering eyes.

  1. Asthma

Cockroaches can be the worst enemy of the people. If your home is affected by cockroaches, the cases of asthma attack can increase. Cockroach Allergens can cause serious complications and can also threaten life. And those who are not at asthmatic, cockroaches can arise in a rug and prepare cockroach asthma. Even 10 may lead to asthma that you should avoid.

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