Why do people like Rahul Gandhi?



Rahul Gandhi has emerged as a prominent leader in last few years. He joined the politics in year 2004 and has been an active part of Indian political system since last 14 years. His attachment to common masses and secular approach has made him a beloved leader and prime contender for the prime minister race in 2019 elections.  

Since the general election of the year 2014 where congress has faced a severe defeat, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has managed to gain attention of national news every now and then. He has faced a lot of controversies form the opposition party in these four years since election yet his dedication to work for the people remain unaffected. Here are some facts that why Rahul Gandhi is liked by the common population so much as compared to other leader  the nation.

Attachment with people:

Rahul Gandi does belong to Congress party but his approach is quite different from any other congress politician. He can be seen every now and then visiting small villages, eating food with farmers, rallying with them in broad daylight, etc. He may be the first and only politician who discovered that a problem can be solved completely only if it is addressed at ground levels. That’s why he spend a lot of time with poor families, drought stricken farmers and financially challenged people to help them rise above their problems. Rahul Gandhi believes in bottom to top approach (people views should be considered by authorities and acted along) for development rather than top to bottom (meaningless policies that were drafted by top authorities and remain non-beneficial for people at the bottom of chain).

A youth motivator

Believe it or not, Rahul Gandhi is responsible of rising interest of Indian youth in politics. He has been motivating and encouraging the youngster to become a part of political system to rule out the old and obscure political structure and raise the nation as a global power. The increase in number of members by lakhs in NSUI and IYC after Rahul Gandhi was elected president of these committees shows the love of youngsters toward this bold leader.

A beloved leader

Rahul Gandhi’s consequent victory in 2004 and 2009 election in his father constituency Amethi by a major difference depicts the love of common masses toward him. He furiously worked with the farmers and fights with them against the injustice by marching with them in rallies and even got arrested.

Rahul Gandhi is might be the only leader in India who has the courage to stand up against his own people and lead them in the right direction. He strongly condemn old religious based division for gaining vote bank and encourages people to stand together for the formation of a strong nation in near future.

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