Why stop waiting for success and love in your life


Ever talked with a begger? Do you wonder for him?

How did he become one? What is his story?

Does he have any hope for his future?

What can satisfy his needs and make his life stable like you or me?

When you ask him. His answer may include food, clothes or a place to sleep to keep him safe and alive.

But if we change the point of the conversation towards your life.

What are the things do you want in your life?

You have good health, enough money to eat and survive every day.

But are not you also seeking for fulfilling your countless desires and wishes in your life just like that beggar?

In your life these desires include achievements, social validation, success and love and many more.

Would you like to know how waiting for your dreams coming true can make you feel as miserable as the beggar sometimes?

And how you can get rid of the all anxiety, fears and helplessness this wait causes in your life?

If your answer is yes then keep reading this article.

The another opened gate of destiny

It’s okay.

It’s okay that you failed in your business or in your exam or in your relationship.

Because we all fail at some point of our life. But when destiny closes one door for you it always opens a new one.


The problem is we are so busy to cry over the spilled milk that we are never able to look up and see the lesson there is for us.

“Our eyes only see and our ears only hear what our brain is looking for.”    

  — Dan Sullivan

Let them go who decided to leave you. Don’t think about the poor outcomes you got in your business. Nobody is going to come, hold your hands and say the magic words that mistake happens.

You have to believe in yourself again. Leave your comfort zone now.

And do what I am suggesting in the next section of this article.

You will always have what you need to just begin the game.

You know how people react when you ask them why are not they following their hearts and living a life of their dreams?

Here are some common answers they make usually:

  • I wish if I could choose the right career.
  • I wish If had some money to start my own business.
  • I wish if I met the right people in my life.
  • I wish if my stars were in my favour.
  • Your answer

They are not resources, people and your circumstances which are stopping you creating a life you want to live.

Then who he is?

You are. Want to know how?

Your Relationships

How long it’s been you have not been talking the people who used to matter most in your life?

A long while. Right?

Go and talk to them. Tell them how much you love them. Why they are important to you?

And do it every single day. Do not wait for them taking the first step because they will not do it ever.

You are the one who have to value love first then you must have the courage to express it to the people you love.

Pick up that phone and hit the number of those all childhood friends and tell them that you still want to play with them, laugh with them and live with them.

Your Career

I don’t understand one thing about people. What does make them to live a life chosen by others for them?

Why you fear if they do not say ‘YES’ to your dreams. And they have different beliefs, different experience and different understanding of the world.

They are bound to force you to live a life which is completely opposite from the one you dream.

You need not following them. Free yourself and start working on things which make you happy.

Just decide once that you have to follow your dreams.

You will see the all necessary resources coming to help you.

Do whatever you can but stop waiting for a happy life and start living one.

Your ‘ONE DAY’ will never come

One day I will go on an adventurous trip and travel the places I always wanted to visit once in my life.

One day I will join the gym, start dieting and focus on my health as Health is one of my top priorities.

One day I will move to my dream city and start living the life I have always wished for.

One day I will quit my job and follow my passion to leave this stressful and chaotic life.

One day, one day and one day.

The more you try to tell this lie to yourself the more you trap yourself inside it.

You need to understand one simple thing here is that first you have to decide it either you have to do it or not.

Because if your answer is yes nothing in this world can stop you doing it rightway.

And if you choose NO as your answer then you will not feel any sorrow or anxiety for not achieving it.

Love, happiness and peace are always there inside you

The common mistake most people make it is to seek joy in the outside world when true happiness lies within them. It’s just the matter of finding it.

Love, happiness and peace are all intertwined. You find one and the rest follow.

You are the one who has the key to let them out of the cage they have been trapped in.

Only you can let it all out and enjoy each moment that they bring for you.

So, what are you waiting for? You have the key use it.


Let me borrow something from you from my favorite life coach.

“Every minute spent worrying about the way things were is a moment stolen from creating the way things can be.” – Robin Sharma

So choice is yours and remember mistakes are not something you should afraid but not making them is.

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