Why You Should Buy A Property In Palo Alto


Owning a home is in everyone’s bucket list. However, it usually becomes challenging to determine the best location for your dream home. There are many popular destinations and Palo Alto is among the top ones. Below are a few reasons why you should consider buying a home in Palo Alto.

1.    Education Institutions

Palo Alto has some of the most highly rated educational institutions in the country. Public schools such as Fletcher Middle School and Palo Alto High School enjoy an A+ rating. This means that your children are bound to receive a quality education. It is also home to Stanford University that is famous for producing the country’s most elite minds.

2.    It has a vibrant community.

Palo Alto boasts of several neighborhoods that are very diverse. Communities such as Ventura are famous for their trade and artistry. If you are one who favors a more rural lifestyle, areas such as Old Palo Alto and Green Acres are perfect.

3.    The weather is brilliant.

Palo Alto enjoys lots of sunshine throughout the year. It sits at the bottom of the Santa Cruz Mountains, meaning it does not get too wet during the rainy season. Temperatures range between 78 and 39 degrees through the seasons meaning it always comfortable no matter the season.

4.    The Shopping District

Most neighborhoods in Palo Alto offer incredible shopping facilities. They include El Camino and California Avenue Shopping. These are famous for the Sunday Farmer’s market, and the go-to destination for fresh produce respectively. Real Estate Palo Alto also offers different types of homes for every Individual.

5.    It is very green.

Palo Alto has a lot of bike lanes, making it easier for residents to move around town. More and more people that live in Palo Alto cycle to work and other destinations. The area is generally flat, making cycling a lot easier. Sidewalks are also a common feature in many of the neighborhoods. The Downtown area is merely 15 blocks long making it easy to get by without a car. Palo Alto also has a lot of public parks amongst its neighborhoods. These include Bol Park, Peers Park, to name a few.

6.    It’s the Tech capital of the world.

Palo Alto is home to the world’s largest and most reputable companies. Google, Facebook, HP, Tesla all call Palo Alto Home. If you are a tech savvy person and seeking to land your dream job, Palo Alto is the place to be.

7.    It is affordable.

Real Estate Palo Alto is pretty affordable with the average cost per home being $3.5 million. From apartment blocks to suburban houses, Palo Alto has something to offer.

Other than the above, Palo Alto also has other amenities that draw people to owning a home here. These include convenient transport, thanks to the Caltrain which offers a respite from rush hour traffic. California Avenue also features free parking. If you are looking to buy a home, give Palo Alto a look.