Why you should use a straight razor


Do you use a disposable razor or a razor with a disposable blade such as Gillette Mach 3 or Gilette Fusion? If so you should consider switching to a straight razor. Using a straight razor is not only cool, James Bond uses on after all, it also brings a lot of other benefits and can save you a lot of money.

Disposable razors and disposable blades are expensive and bad for the environment. A straight razor is a lot cheaper over time and is a greener option. Anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint should switch to a straight razor.

Let us take a close look at the benefits of using a straight razor.

Save money

A quality straight razor is not cheap. You often have to pay a couple of hundred dollars to buy a good high quality straight razor. There are many cheaper straight razors out there but they will not last as long as a high quality straight razor. Using a straight razor might seem like a very expensive option when you see what a straight razor cost to buy. Straight razors are expensive if you only look at the purchase price. Regular disposable razors are a lot cheaper. So why do I say that straight razors are cheaper?

The reason that I say that straight razors are cheaper is that a high-quality straight razor is the last razor you ever need. It will last you for the rest of your life if you take good care of it. You will never have to buy a new razor again. Purchasing a quality straight razor is a one time expense. Using disposable razors and blades are a running expense.

Lets assume that you spend USD 20 a month on razor blades. This is a rough average of what most average Joes spends on razor blades each month and equals about one pack of Gillette Fusion or Mach 3 razor blades a month. If you spend USD20 a month then you will spend USD240 a year, USD 2400 in 10 years and more than USD 10 000 during your life time buying razor blades. With this in mind it easy to see why a straight razor is a cheap option. You might have to spend USD200-300 to buy a good razor but you will save that amount in less than a year since you do not have to buy any razor blades. After that you will have an extra USD 240 a year to spend on something more fun than razor blades.

A green option

Disposable razor blades have a significant environmental impact. The carbon footprint from manufacturing and shipping is large. A lot of them end up in landfills, where they can cause a number of problems. A straight razor is a lot greener if you buy a high-quality razor and use it for many years.

A better shave

I am not going to lie. It will take a few weeks before you get comfortable shaving with a straight razor. It is not hard to do, and the risk of cutting yourself is low as long as you read a guide on how to use a straight razor before you start using one. You are however running a very sharp blade over your face, and it will take a little time before this feels normal.

Once you are comfortable using a straight razor you will find that they give you a closer, cleaner and smoother shave then you can ever get with a regular razor. This allows you to sport a smoother face and allow you to look clean shaved longer. If you get a 5 o’clock shadow using a regular razor then you should definitely try using a straight razor.

You never run out of blades

You never have to worry about running out of razor blades before a date or a business meeting. A straight razor is always there when you need it.

It is cool and sexy

It can not be denied that it is a lot sexier, and a lot cooler to use a straight razor than it is to use a regular razor. A regular razor on the sink in the bathroom looks like clutter, a straight razor in its container look like a statement. Many women ( and men) find it to be an attractive feature to use a straight razor.