Will IPhone 7 be the thinnest Smartphone?


Apple’s brand new Flagship Smartphone IPhone 7 will be thinner than earlier models. It will introduce Stereo-Speaker first time.

The Blog ‘9to5mac.com’ leaked this information about Apple in its report.

According to the report, the IPhone 7 will be 1 mm thinner than the earlier model. Remember that the thickness of the iPhone 6S was 6.1 mm.

Carina camera in iPhone 7 is also likely to be removed and single mono speaker can be changed into 2 speakers.

This report has confirmed previous rumors that Apple is going to remove headphones jack and it is being done to keep IPhone slim. To end headphones jack, Apple will also have the opportunity to do more bigger screen of the device.

Earlier to it, it has revealed that in such a way, the new IPhone will have no plastic antenna lines simultaneously that are below the camera. It will be the first Smartphone of Apple where there will be no line on its back.

Rather IPhone 7 design can be quite different from earlier models. Now it will decide in December that how this IPhone will be? However, the reports and rumors during the reference will come.

Now the question remains that will IPhone 7 be the thinnest Smartphone?