Wireless Charger is Coming for Tablets and SmartPhones.


Start-up Company “Yank Tech” has developed wireless charger for smartphones and tablet called the “Mother box” name has been.

Small ball like a wireless charger is placed in the power socket, after which it can charge a smartphone or tablet near you. The charge for the device must be equipped with a USB charging port that will be supplied with the mother Box.

It will be able to charge rates of up to 10 watts to 2 watts a device which depends on the distance between the device and the charger. Mother Box android and IOS the operating system would be met smartphones and Tablet Charging.

Mother Box uses a smaller version of the battery which does not need to plug in power but in the power socket when charging finish can be carefully re-charge.

Yank Tech has been collecting more than $ 25 thousand sum in respect of crowd funding for your wireless charger and the first shipment will be introduced in the market by September 2017. It is expected that users will get to buy a mother Box when booking before the device will be sold at $ 79 announced that the final price of the next few months.