Wireless vs. Wired subwoofer – Which One Should You Go For?


There is a never-ending debate on which is better between a wired or a wireless subwoofer. The pros and cons of the two are compelling, and choosing between the two is never easy. When one is faced with that decision, it is always a hard one. In the recent past, manufacturers have updated the wireless subwoofers with the latest technology, and that has forced many people to ditch wired subs. But even with all the latest technology, is it time to ditch your old wired subwoofer? 

The wired sub offers many advantages as they can remain in one place for a long time thus, they are less prone to accidents. The idea of having them stuck in one area makes them more consistent. On top of this, they are cheaper compared with wireless subwoofers.

As shown on wooferguy.com wireless subwoofers also have many advantages, with the most notable one being convenience. Since they are not tired of any wires, they are easy to place and move. Installing a wireless subwoofer is easy and fast. If you also happen to move, reinstalling the whole system is equally comfortable. It is this, and many other reasons that make wireless subwoofers convenient.

What is a wireless subwoofer?

A wireless subwoofer is designed in such a way it connects remotely with the receiver. Most of the wireless subwoofers connect through the use of Bluetooth technology. 


There very many pros of a wireless subwoofer. Here are some of the most notable ones:

1) Highly Portable

One of the main advantages of the wireless subwoofer is its portability. The ability to move it around and place it anywhere makes it very convenient for many. You don’t need a lot of installation; all you need is a place and play.

2) More natural to link with other subwoofers

If you want to minimize the low-end sound issues in your room, you can try having multiple subwoofers. They will make your audio output full and more consistent in the room. However, having many subwoofers poses another challenge, how then do you connect the multiple subwoofers. Using the wired subwoofers will be hectic and make the room untidy hence the need to go for wireless subwoofers.

3) Hassle-free set up

Setting up a wireless subwoofer is quick and easy. You don’t have to have extensive knowledge. Connecting subwoofers is always a tricky business, and that’s why the wireless subwoofers are preferred. You get to enjoy the music without doing much work. 


Some drawbacks come with wireless subwoofers. Here are some of them;

1) The quality is of the sound is wanting

With most wireless subwoofers, there is always a difference in the sound output. Most people complain of a static noise that comes with Bluetooth connected subwoofers. The noise disturbances are sometimes referred to as Bluetooth skipping can cause an unpleasant experience.

2) Cost 

Wireless subwoofers are costly than wired subs. This is mainly because they use more advanced technology that the wired subs. Their convenience and ease of use also add to the cost as manufacturers are well aware of this.


What is a wired subwoofer?

As the name suggests, this is a sub that is connected to the receiver or amp with cables. They are known to have a better sound quality than the wireless subs. Thou they are more rigid when it comes to movement, they do the job rather well.


Here are some of the advantages of a wired subwoofer

1) Good sound quality

The sound quality is way better than that of a wireless subwoofer. It is easier to transport signals across a wire than remotely. In the end, the wired sub can get a better sound output than their counterparts.

2) Fairly priced

The cost of a wired sub is often lower than that of the wireless subwoofer. Add that to the fact that you superior audio quality, and you see why you need this more than the wireless sub. 

3) Uninterrupted sound quality

With the wired subwoofers, you are always assured that the sound won’t be interrupted. As long as the cables are well connected, you are always guaranteed that the audio will play seamlessly. 

4) High resale value

The cost of reselling your subwoofer when it gets old is a factor to consider when buying a sub. The wired subwoofers have a higher resale value than the wireless. As long as you maintain your wired subwoofer, it will fetch you a reasonable sum when reselling it. 


As with every other gadget, there are always drawbacks. Here are some of them;

1) Very rigid

One of the main reasons why people don’t like this type of subwoofers is their rigidity. It is tough to move it around. That makes it inflexible, and most people don’t prefer that these days. 

2) Difficult to install

Installing wired subwoofer is a complicated task. You need to have the know-how when installing, or follow the guide provided. 


Is there a difference in the sound quality of a wired subwoofer and a wireless subwoofer?

The simple answer is yes. There is a notable difference between the two. When wireless subwoofers made a mark for themselves in the industry, the quality was more inferior than that of wired subs.

The wired subwoofer enthusiasts have always claimed that the wired subwoofers have always had the edge over the wireless speakers. However, with the rise of technology, the difference is becoming narrow as manufacturers craft ways of handling the sound issues.

The current market has some advanced subwoofers that are giving the wired subwoofers a run for their money. Thou, the quality of wired subwoofers, is slightly higher; the wireless subs are not far behind.

Choosing between the two should be a personal decision. The best you can do is to go for a sub that will meet your needs. Forget the hype; the sub is meant to help you improve the quality of audio. It’s only you who understands your unique needs and which subwoofer will work for you.