World Leaders condemned on Paris Attack


PARIS: World Leaders condemned on Paris Attack. US (United States) President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron and other world leaders have seriously condemned for the attacks in Paris.

While Pope Francis declared this attack the third part of the Third World War. Inside the Paris on 6 different locations bomb blasts killed 177 people that incident have rocked the world and in contract with this bomb blast the World’s Leaders expressed their sorrow and anger.

The President of Francis announced 3 days mourn hereinafter the Paris attack and said that this terrorism was planned outside the country and the companions of terrorists who were existed in France helped them.

In response of the released statement of Vatican it was said by Pope France that these attacks are the part of Third World War and these attacks can not be justified on religious and humanitarian.

The President of US (United States) Barack Obama condemned on the incident and said that America in this hour of woe is standing together with French people.

It was said in the narration that was released out of sight White House that France is on the terrorist attack on humanity and shared values and tradition.

France and the United States together with other countries will bring these terrorists to justice dock and wherever the terrorists. Their network will pursue them.

It was said by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel that she had a depth shock out of sight this attack and her country will do all possible help of France to catch these terrorists and together with all over the world jointly will fight against terrorism.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth II condemned the incident and offered their full cooperation and assistance while the Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi declared these attacks, attacks on the whole humanity.

The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev expressed his reaction in contract with attacks that Paris tragedy that the whole international community to unite against extremism message in like manner its competition is possible while the Chinese President Xi Jinping said that betimes Francis people are in intensive woe and he is strongly condemned this barbaric act.

The Palestine President Mehmood Abbas also condemned this incident and said that he is in intensive woe and grief condition and also expressed their unity with Francis people.

Hereinafter the worst massacre in France more than 177 people killed and several wounded since World War II various people were taken into the custody by authorities in France and Belgium in contact with Saturday.

That was a series of terror’s attack which has been killed more than 177 precious lives of innocent people. It was said by the Justice Ministry spokeswoman of Belgium that there in the very first publicized apprehensions the authorities of Belgian arrested the number of people hereinafter the bloodshed of Friday night’s. In Brussels suburb of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, raids were conducted.

It was added by the Justice Ministry spokeswoman Sieghild Lacoere in Belgium that near to a site of Paris attack a car was found which was rented in Brussels.

It was told by the Western Intelligence Source to CNN that raids were occurred in three homes in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean.

It was added by the source that to the Paris attack at least one of the raid is linked, consequently to the source who is in contract with Belgian and French Intelligence, it was further added by the source that the other raid is linked to the individual known to Belgian intelligence.

It was reported by CNN affiliate BFMTV on Saturday that out of sight the attackers the father and a brother had been taken into the custody. It was reported by AFP that the East of Paris 81 miles (130 kilometers) their home’s after police raid two men were detained. The authorities were picked up a man CNN were not at all verified.

It was said by the Jean-Pierre Gorges who is member of parliament excessively mayor of the French town that on Friday the suicide bomber attacked has been identified namely Ismael Omar Mostefai. Consequently to a Parliament’s French member, at least until 2012, Mostefai lived in Chartres.