World’s Richest Bill Gates said About the Success of Life


Bill Gates has given the world’s richest person declared legal, the best three skills for success in the future for youth.

London’s Executive Editor Daniel Roth talking with Bill Gates said the recipe for success in life.

Bill Gates said three persons are more successful in the coming years, which are fond of Science, Engineering and Economics.

He said, “I think too much about the future of jobs in the basic knowledge of science, mathematics and economics.

He said, not necessary that you are proficient in writing code that you can do that engineers should understand this and can’t do.

He said that people who specialize in those areas will have changed organizations in the future.

He was told the way to become rich in a blog this year before.

According to Bill Gates, even if their income persons living in extreme poverty as they try to raise chickens and raising the social status.

Yes, Bill Gates chickens Paul made himself rich.

He estimated they have to say in the official blog post that chicken costs around 5 dollars in most developing countries spend two dollars a day, they buy 12 chickens in a month.

A few months later they would be dozens of chickens that are making money out of the machine and the poverty line with higher incomes do the residents of the middle class.

Bill Gates wants low-income households should do.