Wrestler and Actor of Hollywood The Rock has Set New Record of Selfies.


LONDON: Every event and occasions are considered incomplete without selfie, to take selfie has been wished of everybody and in like manner Former Wrestler and Hollywood Actor “The Rock” taken more and more selfies in low and low time and erected a world record. In the London Hollywood Movie’s “San Andreas” colourful ceremony was held that all artists who played central roles were in contract with that occasion and except them Director and Producer of the movie were also present at mean time.

On that occasion the Former Wrestler and Hollywood Actor Rock who played a central role in that movie and also erected a new record. He took 105 selfies with his fans in just 3 minutes and comprehended his name in the Genius Book of World Record. It was voiced by the Genius Book of World Record representative that it is easy to say that take more and more selfies in low and low time but in fact it is most difficult because it is necessary for ever selfie that People that want to see the whole face and neck likewise which could be focusing on.

It is remembered that Rock was a bog name in wrestling he was super hero in the world of wrestle at his time. He also won so many titles. Hereinafter he was also achieved milestones in the field of acting. In the Hollywood position of him is also very much strong. Recently he had worked in the Fast and Furious 7 (FF7) which was the super hit movie of Hollywood and now trailer of his new movie “San Andreas” has been released which has also a lot of expectations. Only just one thing was remained that has been also joined with him that is his name which has been comprehended in the Genius Book of World Record.